Tamar Melikishvili

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Tamar Melikishvili was born in 1965. She has graduated Tbilisi State University and Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Her art is diverse in terms of genres and thematically as well. She often works spontaneously, and depicts schematic, almost abstract figures. The painter also is interested in human relationships and in her artworks she rather hides the feelings than shows them. Tamar Melikishvili lives and works is Georgia.


1984-1989 TSAA -  Faculty of Art history

1983-1986 TSU -  Faculty of Painting

Painter of the short film- “Holiday” “New Year”

(Director, Keti Gujabidze  ВГИК Diploma projects )

Designer of a filmmagazine “Window”

1993 Personal Exhibition “Back In Tipas”  Gallery „Orient“

1998 Costume Designer in a film  “stupid pomegranate tree”

First prize for the photo“Red Frame” (Open Society - Georgian photocompetion)Co-author of the Project “from privitism to pop-art” Georgian open Society, National Gallery of TbilisiPersonal Exhibition „Jump“ . Gallery „Charden“Painter and author of music video “wings”, (“Moon club” band)Screenwriter and painter of the film “etude #6” ( Director; Giorgi Beridze, Studio „Audience“ and “National film centre“Video and photo-collage “ What is the name of your future crime”?

Project “Artists without lines”

2005.-Installation “Noah’s Ark” wood, rice paper. Projection.

Tbilisi history Museum Karvasla

Goethe Institute Tbilisi

Гцси Moscow.  Exhibition “41-ე parallel“ (It is kept in the fund of the Moscow center of contemporary Art )

2006-  „Gender and Politics - Hotel „Marriott“. Group exhibition.

2006 Documentary Film “Sad sounds of a sunny Country”  part „Akhaltsikhe”“Director,  Painter (SDS , CAC)

„Let’s strengthen the justice in Georgia together” TMS

Gallery.(UNDP, CAC) Exhibition of the posters

2008 Design of the private house -  12 signs of horoscope – sketches for stained   glass

2008 Motives of “The knight in the panter’s skin” - instalation Art Gene Festival

2008 Solo show „Today“-   Gallery  „Kopala“

2008 Video “Green Tango” - Painter

2009 „open up”  Group show – Ethnographic Museum

2009 Regional tour exhibiotion „You can not change the heartbeat of my Country Conceptual Art ( CAC )

2009 - 2020 Teacher of art history and book illustration -   Nata Buachidze’s Studio

2010 Directing Painter of the film  „ What do you remember from childhood”   (Director Pako svimonishvili)

2011 “Chngiz khan in Pizzery” - Solo show, Tbilisi state Academy of Arts

2011 festinova garikula –   „ Tserovani:    Against of the dawn” 2 Panos in open space.

2011 Artisterium. “Freefall”, Project  –„Tserovani:    Against of the dawn”

2012   Exhibition  “4 + 1 “  -     Exposition of five artists,  Gallery “Vanda"

2013  CINEMA 2D – Tbilisi State Academy od Arts. Group exposition dedicated to the   film -  Motives of Antonion”

2013    “Point, as a circle”  -   Exhibition was held at the Public Library (Tamar Melikishvili Paintings, Ia Mchedlishvili – Photography, Videoart)

2014 Solo shaw „Escape“ – Gamrekeli Gallery. Painting, Graphics

2014 Solo exhibition – Art Cafe „Sfumato“

2014  Group exhibition -  For the opening of the Gallery “Giraffe”.

2014 Exhibition “The knight in the panther’s skin”- illustrations . Project “Painter’s   book“ 14 painters. Georgian National Museum. (Simon Janashia) Kept in the fund of Georgian National Museum.

2015 Rebranding of Gallery “Sfumato” Group Exhibition.

2015 Solo Exhibition  “The sound of rails” –The project of „Opera design„ and „Gala Gallery“ – “Painting and Design”

2015 Solo Exhibition “twofaced wind” – Gallery “vernissage” Oil paint on different   textures.

2015 Group Exhibition in Israel . Khalifa, Te laviv. Project of Gallery “Charden”.

2016 Solo Exhibition “A quarter of a day”  Georgian Museum of History Karvasla

2016 Solo Exhibition  „Fragments“  (Gallery “Vernissage”)

2016 Mirzaan, The Museum of Pirosmani – Group Exhibition

2017 drowing club – Pavilion of the filmstudio. Group Exhibition

2017 trouvez la femme – Georgian Museum of history Karvasla, Group Exhibition

2017 solo exhibition “between blue and purple colors” - Gallery georgien furniture underground

2017 Solo Exhibition „ Dagni’s Holiday in Tbilisi” - Gallery “Vernissage”

2017 Group Exhibition - Gallery “Vernissage”

2017 International Bienale of Beijing . Presented by Curator Tea Goguadze.

2018 Artfair of Erevan. Tamar presented London Gallery - „ARTBEAP”.

2019 Tbilisi International Artfair – Tamar presented Gallery “Vernissage”.

2019 First official exhibion of Arttent. Tamar was presented by Curator Tea Goguadze

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