Rocko Iremashvili

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Roko Iremashvili was born in 1979 in Tbilisi. Artist works in Georgia. His works are preserved in various galleries, museums and private collections around the world. Iremashvili has graduated Stuttgart State Academy of Arts (DAAD Scholarship 2005-2006), (2007-2009) Stuttgart State Academy of Art (master) Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Faculty of Humanities/Bachelor of Fine Arts. The artist actively works in various mediums. Painting, graphics, sculpture, installation, object.


2022 Personal Structures – in frame of Venice Biennale. Palazzo Mora (Presented by Tbilisi National Gallery)

2022 In the noises – Crosty Concept Store

2022 Buffer Intervals – Tbilisi National Gallery

2020 - "anti/gravity" Gamrekeli Modern gallery, Tbilisi 

2018 - "Lama Sabakhthani?" gallery Artarea, Tbilisi 

2017 - "Equilibrium" (piece of project "The silk road odyssey by Hennessy XO) MoMA Tbilisi, Georgia 2017 - Shalva Kikodze memorial sculpture, Tbilisi national gallery garden, Georgia 

2017 - "Live threats" Tbilisi History Museum, Georgia 

2016 - Irakli Carkviani sculpture - Tbilisi, Georgia (With Vladimer Imerlishvili) 

2015 - "Heavy Movement" Gallery "Overground" Vienna, Austria (with Sophia Cherkezishvili) 

2015 - "Exit to fire" Literature Museum Tbilisi, Georgia 

2015 - "Duet" YooArt, Hamburg, Germany 

2015-"To be Free" gallery "per-seh" Hannover, Germany 

2014 - Niko Gomelauri memorial sculpture in Gomelauri Square, Tbilisi 

2014 - "Diffusion" Gallery in Rikhe Tbilisi 

2013 - "New Folder" Gamrekeli Gallery, Tbilisi 

2013 - "Parallel Mode" Vanda Gallery, Tbilisi 

2012 - "The mixed feelings" Gallery "Per-Seh" Hanover, Germany 

2012- "Upon the Face of the Waters" "Gala Gallery" Tbilisi, Georgia 

2011- "Claustrophobia" Tbilisi History Museum, Georgia 

2010 - "Apathy" Gallery"9" Tbilisi, Georgia 

2009 - Gallery "Hobby", Tbilisi, Georgia. 

2009 - "Wings without the Dreams", Werkstatt haus Stuttgart, Germany. 

2009 - " Fly phobia" The Doll Museum, Tbilisi, Georgia. 

2008-"Children we met", Gallery "Universe", Tbilisi, Georgia. 

2008 - "4 Stiqioni", Stuttgart State Academy exhibition hall, Germany. 

2008 - Gallery "Stellwerk", Cassel, Germany. 

2008 - Gallery "Hobby", Tbilisi, Georgia. 

2008 - "Abortion" Gallery "Vanda", Tbilisi, Georgia. 

2007 - Gallery "Vanda", Tbilisi, Georgia. 

Selected Group Exhibitions 

2019-Artisterium, Kutaisi National museum, Georgia 

2018-Artisterium, Tbilisi History museum. Georgia 

2018 – Meeting's Point, gallery "Overground" Vienna, Austria 

2016 - Artisterium Tbilisi History museum. Georgia 

2016 - "konSEHquent" gallery "Kubus " Hannover, Germany 

2015- "Plastic Idols" Tbilisi writers house, Georgia 

2013 - "Moon Museum" Tbilisi National Gallery 

2012 - "Georgien 3 mal anders" Art-house Munich, Germany 

2012 - Nord Art Carlshütte, Buedelsdorf (Gallery per-seh, Hannover) Germany 

2012 - "Insulin" S. Janashia museum of archeology Tbilisi, Georgia 

2011-Art-spring Bremen (Gallery per-seh, Hannover) Germany 

2011 - Nord Art Carlshuette, Buedelsdorf (Gallery per-seh, Hannover) Germany 

2011 - „Exit" Georgian Artist's exhibition in Art Gallery Teheran, Iran 

2011 - „Handmade Books" Literature museum Tbilisi 

2011 - Eco Inspiration" Europe House Tbilisi, Georgia 

2010- "Illumination" Art Academy Union of Georgia, Tbilisi. 

2010- "Artisterium" international festival of the contemporary art Tbilisi History Museum 

2009 - "Ueberlagerungen" Hanover, Germany 

2009 - Young Artist Self-portrait, Gallery "Hobby", Tbilisi, Georgia 

2008 - "Kunstwurf', Stuttgart, Germany. 

2007 - Georgian cloisonné enamel exhibition, Strasburg, France 

2007-"Hidden Jewel". Art Association Stuttgart, Germany 2006 - II International Enamel Biennial "New Wave", Chardin gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia. 

2003 - "CV", Gallery "Universe", Tbilisi, Georgia.

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