Borena Natchkebia

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Borena Natchkebia (born 1992 in Tbilisi, Georgia)

She has a bachelor degree in International Affairs (National and International Defence) , and graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Fine Art Faculty (Bachalor degree).

Main subject from her past profession is conflicts and war.

Since 2014, Natchkebia has created experimental series with various materials, (easel painting, graphics, installation, video art, etc.) and mediums.

She is a contemporary , conceptual artist and her artistic interest focuses on collective memories, conflicts, human rights and traumas, problems of migration, her artworks also are inspired by science and biology. The main subject from her past profession is still essential for the artist and reflects her creative expression.

Borena is also interested in modern cinematography and is currently working on her short film.

Projects & Exhibitions

2020 Tbilisi Online Biennale Residency 

2019 TAF Tbilisi Art Fair Tbilisi; Georgia 

2019 SOLO Auction; Tbilisi, Georgia 

2018 SOLO Auction; Tbilisi, Georgia

2018 “Alchemy of colors”; Riga, Latvia 

2018 St. Peter’s Church Exhibiting Hall . Riga, Latvia 

2018 Artisterium 11 - Tbilisi International Contemporary Art Festival ; Tbilisi, Georgia

Works From Artist