Mako Lomadze

დასაკეცი კონტენტი


Mako Lomadze is a contemporary artist from Georgia.

graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts with a bachelor's and master's degree in fine arts. Regularly participates in local or international exhibitions and residencies. She currently works in her studio in Tbilisi.

Her works are housed in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cosenza, and in private collections in Europe, Canada, and the United States.

She mainly works in traditional media. Oil paint is the material where she feels the most comfortable at this stage. The source of her work is firmly based on an internal dialogue, critical issues in the subconscious, dreams, and attitudes towards the world in general. Her works are permeated with symbolism.

The aim is to inspire interest in the research of a particular work in a seemingly aesthetically and simply conveyed visual language, which goes differently than the first impression. Her work is in line with her complex approach to issues.

Her works tend to be dreamy, illustrated with profound feelings, non-descriptive, and ambiguous. Somehow She tends to conduct the tragic sense of existence aesthetically.

In general, her works are divided into series, but most of them contain self-portraits.

The Portraits illustrate the stages of self-contemplation, and deep sensual issues and show the essence of the true self, embraced by loneliness.

Her art responds to the role of a woman in the modern world.

Her working methods are several: one involves researching the specific topic and creating the visual language formed on it, and the other is the reflexive action, rooted in the subconscious.


2022 personal exhibition “unspoken” at Espacio Lavadero ,Granada Spain 2021 personal exhibition “chapters” at Cafe_Gallery,Tbilisi,Georgia

2019 Personal exhibition "Joy of non-being" Gamrekely Gallery- Tbilisi,Georgia

2018- Personal Exhibition - "Dots" Gallery - Conceptor -Tbilisi, Georgia 

2017- Personal exhibition Dadiani Summer Residence- Salkhino, Georgia

2014 - Personal Closed Exhibition-Zurich, Switzerland Group exhibitions

2022 Tbilisi art fair ,galerie Bruno Massa, Tbilisi, Georgia

2022 group exhibition art moments jakarta galerie Bruno Massa , jakarta indonesia 2022 group exhibition“life of a woman” Collective individuals gallery London ,UK 2022 group exhibition “Lifetime Acquaintances” at Tbilisi MOMA ,Tbilisi ,Georgia 2021 group exhibition “open space” Ria Keburia gallery,kachreti, Georgia

2021 group exhibition at Tbilisi residency program at contemporary art space- Tbilisi,Georgia 2021 group exhibition at Ria Keburia gallery- Kachreti, Georgia

2021 group exhibition at Tbilisi online residency -Tbilisi, Georgia 2020 group exhibition at Flamingo contemporary art -Tbilisi, Georgia 2020 Group exhibition Iart Gallery-Tbilisi, Georgia

2019 group auction at Iart Gallery-Tbilisi, Georgia

2019 group exhibition between spaces ,artarea- Tbilisi, Georgia

2019 Group exhibition Opening "anatomy of existence" arttent mtatsminda- Tbilisi,Georgia 

2019 Cosenza Museum of Contemporary Art – Cosenza, Italy

2019- Group Exhibition at Palazzo Zenobio, Venice. Italy 2019 Group Exhibition at artarea- Tbilisi, Georgia

2018- Conceptual Art Exhibition "Flamingo" Silk Museum-Tbilisi,Georgia 2018- Personal Exhibition - "Dots" Gallery - Conceptor -Tbilisi, Georgia 2018- "Magic of Color" St. Peter's Basilica, Riga, Latvia

2017 - Venice 57th Biennale "Personal Structures" -Venice, Italy 2016- Group Exhibition TBC Bank Exhibition Hall-Tbilisi ,Georgia 2016- "Mother, I am an idiot", Artarea- Tbilisi, Georgia

2016- Artisterium, Artarea- Tbilisi, Georgia

2016 - Exhibition of Georgian Artists, Phoenix Gallery- New York, Manhattan, USA 2014- “Personal Space” Europe House-Tbilisi, Georgia

2013- Akhundov House Gallery Exhibition-Tbilisi, Georgia

2013- “Dede Kurkudi Foundation” Pioneer Palace-Tbilisi, Georgia 2013 - Group exhibition, large exhibition hall of Tbilisi Academy of Arts 

2014-2017 Bachelor’s of fine arts

2009-2013 Residency programs

2022 Espacio lavadero art residency- Granada Spain

2022 Helikon art residency - Istanbul Turkey

2021 Ria keburia art residency- Kachreti Georgia 

2020 Ria keburia art residency - Kachreti Georgia

2019 Cosenza Bocs art residency -Cosenza Italy 

2017 Garikula art villa residency - Kaspi Georgia

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