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Gamrekeli Gallery

About Irakli Gamrekeli

Irakli Gamrekeli, born in Gori, Georgia, was a prominent painter and founder of Georgian scenography in the 1920s and 1930s.

Despite not completing a full course of professional artistic studies, he received his primary education at a theological school and later studied at the N. Sklifosovsky School of Drawing and Painting, as well as at the Tbilisi Academy of Arts and Tbilisi University.

He began his career working with Kote Marjanishvili at the Rustaveli Theatre, and went on to illustrate a futuristic magazine and the works of Georgian writers.

Gamrekeli is known for his contributions to the development of futurism and modernism in Georgian scenography, and for his expressive, sharp, and dematerialized style in stage and film decoration. He decorated almost 50 theatrical plays and movies throughout his career, and worked with director Sandro Akhmeteli on several innovative productions.

Gamrekeli passed away in 1943 while working at the Rustaveli Theatre.

About Gamrekeli Gallery

Gamrekeli art gallery is dedicated to preserving and displaying the works of Irakli Gamrekeli, a pioneering figure in Georgian theatre. Among numerous art museums in Georgia, we are privileged topossess a substantial collection of his art.

In addition, our Tbilisi art gallery also features two separate areas for temporary exhibitions providing our visitors with the opportunity to encounter a varied and unique experience, blending the rich legacy of Georgian theatre with the innovative perspectives of contemporary artists.